29 December, 2011

Darul-Hadeeth Homeschool: All about animals week 8


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Hey guys! This is my 3 day schedule for the girls- It's only 3 days because the girls went to the library on Tuesday- and Monday we were invited to go to another families house- but I ended up cleaning and missing the opportunity.

We are still learning about animals :)

Darul-Hadeeth Homeschool All about animals (part 2) week 8

Circle Time
Counting to 20 orally
Abc/shapes review- Starfall (program)
Montessori- lacing animals (older girls) sensory bin (Zainab)
Sign language- review all signs- new signs: tiger & rhinoceros

Couplets (animal & emotion theme)
Single words (Zainab)

MEP Math
Equations – Addition
Wednesday Activity- using beads to represent quantities (using cards 1-20)
Thursday Activity- math using Starfall
Friday- matching game using numerals and flashcards from last week (split pea flash cards)

Arts & Crafts: Paint theme-
Wednesday- Painting on salt*

    Half-sized sheets of dark colored paper or card stock.
    2-3 Tablespoons of salt in a small bowl.
    1 Extra sheet of paper, the larger the better.
    3 or 4 colors of liquid watercolors, diluted if necessary (or a tablespoon of water with a few drops of food coloring added).
    Smock or bib for your tot. (From Shannon’s tot school)
Thursday- using various objects to  paint (spray bottles, medicine dropper, brushes etc.)
Friday- construct a cat (worksheet) using recyclables or craft sticks

Islaamic Studies:
Aqeedah book level 1- question & answers

Arabic workbook
Arabic first Animals slide http://www.arabicfirst.co.uk/index_files/animated_series.htm
Madinah Arabic program

Science & Nature: Polar Animals
Wednesday: What animals live in a cold environment? Activity: Color page
Thursday: How do some animals live in a cold environment?
Friday: review


Arabic First
Sensory bin writing


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